Intumescent Hardware Protection

Innovative intumescent kits to protect fire door ironmongery.

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Concealed door closer
Firestop Lock and Plate Pocket


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Intumescent lock and plates
Intumescent tube lock


Material Safety Data

Intumescent Fire Seals

Firestop intumescent door seals are designed to close the gap between the fire door and frame in the event of a fire, thereby preventing the spread of smoke and hot gasses.

Once installed our seals can lay dormant for many years, only activating when exposed to the rising temperatures and pressures in a fire situation.


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Intumescent Letterboxes

A stylish ABS framed, telescopic letterbox, with metal flaps and fitted with a high performance intumescent liner.

In the event of fire the intumescent liner expands rapidly and seals off the letterbox opening, preventing
the spread of fire and smoke whilst maintaining the integrity of the fire door assembly.

Firestop letterboxes with homes
Firestop letterbox
Firestop brass letterbox


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Soterian slim letterplate

Finger Protection

Every year in the UK, over 30,000 children suffer injury by trapping their fingers in doors.

The vast majority occur in the large gap in front of the hinge, as the door closes. The rear of the hinge also presents a potential hazard to careless small hands. Both sides are capable of exerting thousands of pounds of pressure per square inch, on an innocent child’s fingers.

The devices we offer fit most doors and are very easy to install. They are designed and tested to be durable and eliminate the possibility of finger trapping accidents.

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Firestop finger protection detail
Firestop finger protection on door
Little Fingers


Acoustic Seals

A comprehensive range of high performance seals designed to meet the needs of approved document E.

These Seals are designed to form an effective barrier against the outside climate, noise, light, fire, smoke and insects. They provide a cost-effective solution for document part E and part M of the latest UK building regulations relating to disability, access and energy conservation.

There is a choice of seals to suit glass and timber doors. All seals are available in a wide choice of standard sizes, and are easily fitted.

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Firestop acoustic seal on door
Firestop acoustic seal


Air Transfer Grilles

A comprehensive range of 30 and 60 minute fire rated air transfer grilles designed for use in fire resisting doorsets and compartment walls.

When dormant the grilles enable air to be circulated throughout the building, in the event of a fire they are designed to close and restrict the flow of hot gases and fire.

Firestop Air vent
Firestop air transfer grille
Air transfer grille


Pipe Collars and Wraps

Firestop Pipe Collars are primarily designed for retro-fit to plastic piping or trunking where it passes through fire resistant structures such as walls or floors.

In the event of a fire, the collars’ intumescent core rapidly expands to crush the pipe or trunking, which seals off the area and maintains the fire integrity of the structural element.

Our Intumescent Pipe Wraps are designed for installation around plastic piping or trunking passing through fire resistant structures such as walls and doors.

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Firestop pipe collar
Firestop pipe wrap


Fire Rated Sealants

Firestop intumescent acoustic acrylic sealant is a halogen free, polymer emulsion based sealant which is ideal for sealing joints in and around internal partitions, between fire doors and fire rated walls and lap joints in fire rated cladding.

In the event of a fire it forms a char coat that restricts the passage of smoke and fire. It is easily applied and dries to form a flexible and smooth surfaced material that can be painted over.

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Group of Firestop sealant tubes
Tube of Firestop Intumescent Acrylic Sealant